If you’ve been looking into bathroom remodeling ideas, then it may be time to start thinking outside of the box. Tradition bathtub refinishing is a thing of the past since homeowners and experts alike have started trying out new and innovative designs! If you’re thinking about taking on a home renovation, it’s time to talk with the experts. Resurface FL in Sarasota has the experience needed to help you redesign your home and make it into the space you’ve always dreamed of. Keep reading to find out more information!


Innovative and Revolutionary Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When people think about remodeling a bathroom, they tend to think about bathtub refinishing instantly, but what about those small and uninspiring powder rooms in your house? Most of the time, these are overlooked, and it’s time that changed. It’s time to redo this dark and cramped rooms and turn them into a space you’re proud to show off to your family and friends when they visit your house. According to the experts, bathroom designs are stepping outside of their traditional path! Bold textures and patterns are taking over these smaller spaces, and if you’re ready for a new look, keep reading to find out more of the top tips! 

  • You don’t need that much storage: If you have a small bathroom, try not to concentrate on storage. Having a large vanity with large cabinets and space under the sink really isn’t practical or necessary. Chances are most of the time you put things under that you never use, so why not ditch them altogether. Doing away with these vanities will help stop you from collecting junk and free up some real estate in the small space. Instead, install floating sinks and narrow open shelves to help provide storage while simultaneously opening the space up visually. 
  • Choose quality finishes: Typically, the most experience features in a bathroom are the fixtures: the title, faucets, and lighting. Since you’re working on a smaller bathroom, it may be a smart idea to spend money on the fixtures since you won’t be needing that many. Splurge on the lighting elements or sink faucets so you can transform your smaller space into something eye-catching. 
  • Ditch the tub: This idea is something that traditionalists seem to have a problem with, but if your smaller bathroom has a full tub, think about getting rid of it and replacing it with a walk-in shower. Installing seamless glass with the shower instead of a full shower door is also a fantastic way to save space and open it up. If you aren’t ready to completely do away with your tub, it still may be a good idea to add a seamless glass tub enclosure instead of the door or curtain. 


If you’re still not sure if these newer ideas are for you it may be time to just think about resurfacing your tub. Homeowners tend to forget that their tubs are one of the most used features in their home and they are prone to normal wear and tear, but it can be expensive to get a new one installed. Resurfacing your old tub could be a great way to save money and get a new look in your bathroom!


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