The kitchen is one of the most multifaceted areas of the home. It’s the room where everyone gathers together to talk about the highlights of the day, plan new family adventures, and figure out what essentials are missing in the household’s grocery department. With all the action happening in the kitchen, day after day, it’s no wonder the finished look of the cabinets gets tested by the passing of time. Is your home experiencing this issue right now? Then you need to do a cabinet refinishing asap. Resurface FL is your Sarasota connection to refurbish your kitchen’s cabinets and maintain it looking fresh and cool to keep holding family interactions for many more years to go. The line of work is not limited to the kitchen only because the extensive services offered also cover bathtub refinishing. Stick with us to find out more information to make your home look rejuvenated


Maintaining the Home Is a Challenging Perk the New Homeowner Will Encounter

You work hard, save money, and get the paperwork ready to finalize with the realtor and loan provider the purchase of the dream home.  


The tough part ended, right? Well, you might want to rethink that again, because it really isn’t. In a way, undoubtedly, the most economically tricky part is done, but the challenging one is about to begin: maintaining the home in high conditions through time.  


New homeowners don’t realize the magnitude of the work involved in keeping a household in top condition, safe from falling apart due to the overlooking of maintenance actions with critical repercussions in the structure of the home. For instance, some of the priorities in need to tackle:

  • Keeping drains unclogged and leakage-free, 
  • fire protection devices working, 
  • air conditioner and heating services up to date for seasonal changes, 
  • proper roof insulation, and 
  • maintaining the kitchen cabinets in top conditions.


When Do You Need to Do a Cabinet Refinishing Job? Is it Better than a Full Replacement? 

The cabinets of the kitchen need an imminent refinishing job whenever there’s physical evidence of ruggedness, crookedness, dents, holes, or gouges. We know you don’t want your kitchen looking like that! So, doing a refinishing job is the perfect solution to this problem. 


The refinishing method of Resurface FL uses an applied system allowing the makeover of the cabinets without any replacement, proving to be more time effective and cheaper for the budget of the homeowner, while achieving equally superb results.  


Refacing the cabinets is a job done by hand, where the piece is stripped down to wood and refurbished accordingly to the design you want. This excellent job is not only limited to cabinets; in fact, bathtub refinishing and vanity refacing are two other services of high demand that will keep your home looking chic and protected.


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