Everyone wants a beautiful, eye-catching kitchen. There are many ways to add flair and personality to your kitchen, like a stylish backsplash and elegant countertop decor, but have you thought about the design of your cabinets as well? We at Resurface FL specialize in cabinet refacing Sarasota, FL, and our kitchen cabinet design expertise can help share some great ideas on stylizing your cabinets without breaking the bank. If the idea of stylish, yet inexpensive, cabinet designs has piqued your interest, then you’ll want to learn about some fantastic ideas. Don’t worry, if you decide to steal some of these ideas for yourself, we won’t tell.


Check Out Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

  • Add a tiered lazy susan to corners for storage
    • Corner cabinets can be difficult to keep organized and make it hard to reach certain items. By adding in a tiered lazy susan, you can add something that not only keeps your cabinet looking clean and organized, but also makes storage a little bit easier. Keep extra pots and pans or other kitchen tools easily reachable by spinning the lazy susan inside your corner cabinets.
  • Personalize your cabinets
    • Who said cabinet doors have to stay plain? Turn some of your larger storage cabinets into statement pieces with things like chalkboard paint that can be used to label your cabinets and show off your personality.
  • Add a pop of color to your cabinet interiors
    • A sleek, white kitchen is extremely popular right now and looks beautiful, but a pop of color can add an extra layer of depth to the room. By painting the insides of your cabinets a bold color, you can create a theme that threads throughout your kitchen and shows off some character.
  • Turn artwork into cabinet doors
    • If you have some good wallspace to work with, you can add some tasteful cabinets for things like spices and other ingredients hidden away behind thematic artwork. This is a great way to give your kitchen an artsy personality and make you feel like a chef when preparing meals.
  • Organize cabinet interiors
    • Many homes feature empty cabinets with no shelving. It can be easy to toss all your things into these and dig through it all when you need something, but adding simple organizational features can make a huge difference. Not only will you make the spaces more functional, but you can even show them off by removing the cabinet doors.
  • Cabinet refacing
    • Refacing is a fairly inexpensive process of redesigning the exterior of your cabinets without throwing away the interior. Why settling for the cabinet facings the home came with when you can pick out personalized ones just for your own style?


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