The holiday season is upon us, which means large gatherings and family dinners! Don’t have your family spend the holidays in an outdated kitchen, you want to wow them with the fruits of your labor! Before the holidays really kick-off consider a relatively easy kitchen remodel! Refacing your kitchen cabinets can change the look of your kitchen the same way a full remodel can, except refacing is half the cost! The current layout of your kitchen is not a problem when it comes to refacing, you can do so much with what you already have, and have the customizations you really want for your home! A nice kitchen cabinet refacing is more than possible with ResurfaceFL. Located in Bradenton Florida, ResurfaceFL is bringing new life to homes all over Floridas Gulf Coast this holiday season and as they say, No job is too big, no job is too small! 


Ideas For Your Kitchen!


If you’re tired of the outdated look of your kitchen, try amping it up with some relatively simple refacing ideas! 


Have a peninsula counter top? Try turning it into a quaint breakfast bar! Imagine working on your new bar witha cup of coffee and some of your favorite music on a brisk fall morning! By adding an extra 8-10 inches to your countertop, a few stools, and some decorative corbels, you can have the bar you have always wanted and a new addition that your family will admire! And let’s be honest, who doesn’t need more countertop!

Tired of how your cabinets look? Try turning them into drawers! Choosing drawers over cabinets is a great way to add some extra storage space as well as give you the fresh new look you’ve been yearning for! A fresh kitchen cabinet refacing can be the game-changer you’ve been missing!


Tired of your kitchen feeling small? Your problem could be coming from those outdated soffits above your cabinets! Try eliminating them altogether and going for cabinets that reach to the ceiling. Making this relatively simple change can turn your cramped feeling kitchen into a place that feels an extra foot taller, bringing eyes and smiles upward when you walk in! 


Does your kitchen feel too cookie-cutter, maybe too bland and personality-free? Throw in some of your open styles by taking off a cabinet door or two and creating a place where you can proudly display the things that make your house a home! A place for photos, decorations, decorative mugs or whatever puts a smile on your face!


Why choose a kitchen cabinet refacing over remodel? 


With the holidays creeping up on us, to do an entire kitchen remodel could take a month or two. With a kitchen refacing, you can have a fresh new look in a day or two! Don’t worry about ripping out walls or cabinets, refacing cabinets couldn’t be an easier process, in addition it is also a lot cheaper than a full remodel, almost half as much! Choosing ResurfaceFL to do your resurfacing couldn’t be an easier choice either. For over 10 years they have brought Sarasota and Bradenton area the change they dreamed about! Being a family own business, they care about your family and the lives you live, whether it’s one room or a whole house, you can trust ResurfaceFL to put your family’s needs first, giving you the change you have been dreaming of!


Schedule your Resurface today!


If you’re ready to change the look of your home without breaking the bank, choose ResurfaceFL to take care of all your desires! You can contact ResurfaceFL to get started on your resurfacing project today, just call (941) 806-8821 or go online to to view what they have to offer. Make the change you have been waiting for, one that will blow away your family the way ResurfaceFL blows away the competition!