When it comes to your kitchen cabinets, it is important to keep them free of nicks and with the surface that you desire. When it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing, Resurface FL is here to assist in making sure that your kitchen cabinets are in the best possible condition so that your kitchen is a space you will enjoy cooking and entertaining in. Read on to learn more about our process of refinishing kitchen cabinets and providing you with the kitchen of your dreams. If you are looking for kitchen refinishers in the Sarasota area, Resurface FL is here for you. Call Resurface FL today to get your kitchen cabinets done!


Our Cabinet Process


Here at Resurface FL, we are professionals at taking care of your kitchen cabinets. You may be wondering about what our process is- read on to find out!


  • Step 1: Remove hardware- The first step that Resurface FL takes in kitchen cabinet refacing is to take out all of the hardware with a screwdriver or drill. If we are going to reuse the hinges or pulls, we will store and label them. We will take your doors and drawers to our painting headquarters, where we will take care of them.
  • Step 2: Cleaning and drying- Wearing the correct protection, we will thoroughly clean the cabinet surfaces we will be painting with a trisodium phosphate solution in order to slightly etch the surface. We will rinse it thoroughly and allow the surfaces to dry, and if we won’t be using the same screw holes, we will fill the old holes with wood putty. Once it is dry, we will lightly sand the surfaces and then vacuum and clean. 
  • Step 3: Priming- Next, we will start with a coat of primer/sealer. If the client wishes, we will also paint the interior of the cabinets as well, although many people only wish the faces of the cabinets to be refinshed.
  • Step 4: Paint and dry- We allow the surfaces to dry overnight, and then lightly sand everything, vacuum the surfaces, wipe, and apply a second coat.


Our Process For Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets


  • Step 5: Drill pilot holes- We drill pilot holes and then screw the drawer pulls into place from the inside.
  • Step 6: Install Hinges- When we install hinges, we generally lay the door facedown on a sturdy work surface, and then make sure that the top hinge goes one hinge-length down from the top of the door. 
  • Step 7: Reattach Cabinet Doors- Finally, we position the door on the cabinet so that it will open in the correct direction. We make sure to line it up so that it is centered over the opening, then line up the hinges over the cabinet frame, marking the necessary holes with a pencil, and drill pilot holes. We then screw the top hinge first and the bottom one.


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Here at Resurface FL, we are dedicated to the best client services possible. Our process for refinishing kitchen cabinets uses only the best quality materials and most thorough service. If you are looking for kitchen cabinet refacing in the Sarasota area, call Resurface FL for a consultation today!